French Pronunciation Basics 🇫🇷

Perfect French pronunciation?

Train your ears and voice to achieve near-native pronounciation.

The better way to learn pronunciation

The only way to pronounce things better is to hear how you're actually pronouncing it!

  • Learn sounds one by one
  • Listen to yourself with practice chamber
  • Compare your recording with native speakers
  • Examples from movies
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I never realized the French essentially omit words in normal speech. No wonder I cannot understand movies, etc. Imitate is an excellent method to learn the pronunciation properly!

Imitate user

Wow! Hearing my mistakes recorded is such a great tool without the embarrassment of a real live French speaker laughing their socks off in my face is so nice, highly recommended!

Imitate user
French Pronunciation Basics

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Hi! 👋 As a French learner I know how hard it can be to master pronunciation.
Many people settle on "good enough", and never truly learn how to speak like a native.
That's why I created Imitate.

It's an app that let's you practice intonation with the use of real-world video.

If you have questions or problems, please email me.